What's New in Tarantula ?
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Features that were added in Tarantula 1.99

  • Document quick-check links option.
  • Send option using MAPI as well as SMTP !
  • SMTP full newsletter mailer support, with embedded images support using MIME !
  • Conversion of entire page to plain text.
  • 'Color gradient' feature in text editor.
  • New 'size hint' on resizing areas.
  • Subscript and superscript support in text editor.

Features that were enhanced in Tarantula 1.99

  • Coords on 'text to image' editor.
  • Rollovers: 'Don't swap to original image' on script.
  • Improved email support.
  • Improved image handling
  • Improved window management
  • Faster loading and processing of pages.
  • Improved HTML engine.
Bugs fixed in Tarantula 1.99

  • Info-cards appeared to be missing 'missing'.
  • Problems with GIF refresh
  • Window resize problems after running plugins.
  • Problem with rollover images in different DRIVE.
  • Layout problems when image-names are not specified.
  • Disappearing ALT text on text-to-image conversion.
  • Page overlaps with the Windows TaskBar.