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Release 1.99a of Tarantula - the WYSIWYG web authoring tool.
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Nostrum India is a New Delhi, India, based firm with software development & corporate training being the main areas of business. Specializing in Internet related software, we are commited to providing low-cost, high-quality software which can go a long way in increasing productivity. Tarantula 1.99a, a web-site design tool, is a product which has been designed keeping this in mind.
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Tarantula 1.99a is a WYSIWYG HTML editor (web authoring tool) with full pixel-level layout control : Even novices can now make great looking web-pages, without any need for knowing HTML ! For experts, there is also an integrated HTML editor. Tarantula supports tables and forms too, and can optionally utilize the latest cascading stylesheet (CSS) positioning support in browsers. For an overview of Tarantula, click here, or just download it and check it out yourself ! (If you're upgrading, do read about the exciting new features added to release 1.99a)
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Tarantula™ is a registered trademark of Sumit Gupta.

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Tarantula 1.99a is now available for promotional price of US$24.99.
Registered users of earlier versions upgrade free of cost.
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